Swiss Diversity Awards

04th of September 2021

The Swiss Diversity Awards celebrates and honors the diversity in Switzerland, where people of different ethnicities, religions, physical limitations, gender or sexual orientations lives.



What are the Swiss Diversity Awards?


  • The awarding of Recognition Distinctions and, thereby, the promotion of diversity and inclusion in Switzerland through this event, on the one hand, and all related PR work on the other.


  • Networking of people, businesses, organizations, institutions active in the fields of diversity and inclusion.


  • An exclusive event aimed at reflecting the diversity of Switzerland through its laureates and guests.



Kornhausstrasse 3,
3000 Bern

Date and Time:

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Why a Swiss Diversity Award?

Why a Swiss Diversity Award?

In Switzerland, many people, organizations and companies are committed to promote and support diversity and inclusion. The aim of the Swiss Diversity Award
Night is to make these known to the public, also in order to act as a multiplier and
promoter of these values. Our motivation: accept and defend equal opportunities for people of different race, gender, skin colour, nationality, age, disability or religion.
The Swiss Diversity Award Night does not comment on day-to-day political issues. On the other hand, the overarching and long-term promotion of social developments should be along these lines.


Kornhausstrasse 3, 3000 Bern

coming soon


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